Sunday, January 1, 2012

If its supposed to happen it will

I've always believed that, sometimes I've argued with how true it is.  I think everyone has.
  I have been very lucky to stay home with our two girls for the past 2 years straight. It has been a challenge. Bills dont wait for the money to be available, they come whether you're ready or not! Im so thankful Justin has been able to pull the weight of his family with little complaint by himself for over 2 years,and including a move to a new state! that was $$$$$$$$$$$$ but he did it! Not many people our age can say they can, or did! Not many people our age try as hard as we do for the, big picture, OUR FAMILY.  I'm so grateful for him. He's been my rock this whole time a lot of what people don't see, that makes it extra special for me. 
  I have made the choice to go back to work for a little while. It hasn't been an easy choice. I've cried about it, I'm scared, I'm stressed. I've pondered months and months about it. And finally I landed a job that would make it worth it to go to. But one very important factor was left to be determined. Who on this crazy earth would I feel at ease with the responsibility of our babies?! I talked to everyone I've come in contact with, feeling the date get closer and closer, I really just wanted to give up. There is no way someone could love someone else child enough. Im the only one that can love these two and make sure all is well.  I told Justin I was sorry that I was going to have to turn this job down. He was disappointed but again he was willing to continue to support us. A couple days went by and I decided to give it one last try. I set up two appointments with some child care providers I had been referred to.
Justin's following day off we went to interview these ladies.  They were night n day to each other. The first one (of course) scared the crap out of me the second we walked in. We sat through the interview I asked all my 4 pages of detailed questions, and everyone she answered scared me.  She just wanted the money it was clear.  So we went to the next one. The second we walked in we looked at each other like this could be! The lady was amazing we visited, and laughed and fell in love with each other. We even met her whole family! They were there dividing up the donation boxes they put out at local stores. They have a list of families and facilities that need items, and they deliver them there. That was the icing on the cake! I'm so excited for the girls to be apart of this wonderful family while Justin and I work and do our school stuff. The girls didn't want to leave, they are counting down the days to when she can go back! There is no better feeling to parents that their children are happy and safe! So it's back to work I go with plans for making things a little bit better for OUR FAMILY!

2011 has been a year of change, and growing. Im exciting for what 2012 may bring!

 Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MOMS set the mood for the whole house

I am wondering why I get myself so physically sick when I get stressed out. I feel like I have the flu, and broken heart.  Even though I feel so low I pushed myself to do something Ive been needing to do. Kinda feels good, mostly hoping it will turn in to a snowball of good luck, or blessings for me, but not to be selfish. One thing I did learn this month is mom sets the mood for the whole house, didn't REALLY know I had such control. What a blessing a huge responsibility.

Life is full of ups and downs but it always comes back around, don't you give up now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Random

Since living a mile high I have ran into more bugs then I have ever in my life. Almost daily we get spiders and flies like crazzzy! And the flies are huge! Sometimes you have to really look to make sure your not swatting a bee!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

my last big summer chore

I have to go through all the girls' clothes!! I have been putting this off for a while now.... 4 drawers and 4 laundry baskets full of clothes. The girls are being to good though taking a nap even though they dont want to. I can not believe my oldest will be starting school this week.
 They do things so different in Colorado. First it depends on what part of Co you live in. and what district you belong to. and then what school you sign up to. lol ok so we got that far, and now we have to wait til monday to call and find out what time Tuesday we come to the school and she gets a meeting all by herself with a teacher. THEN tuesday afternoon/evening we are to get a call as to which teacher got her and what class she will be in (am or pm) on Wednesday. Um can we say complicated just let them come to school okay.  They also have got rid of expelling or suspending students in some districts. That is supposed to help lower drop out rates. I just thought its sad that its a problem. I really don't know how long I want my kids in public schools.....
 OH I made these bad boys
Yup thats a oreo cookie hiding in side a chocolate chip cookie. HA why did I not think of this before? They are goooood, but only one they are sweeeet! 

I have never been a fan of Toys R Us. I have always thought the prices are to high. So when walking through a local Toys R Us here I got a kick out of this! 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

just pictures

Jaidan was trying to keep her self awake, but fell asleep in her baby doll playpin. 
hailie swinging in a jungle gym at monkey business. which is just a place where kids can monkey around all they want and parents too!
These were at a graduation we went to. The weather was threating to rain but thankfully it didnt! The girls had a great time playing with the umbrella. We've never had to have one on hand before so its turned into a great toy. The girls are always wanting to go out in the rain just to use the umbrella.
We went over to Castle Rock, Co to the outlet mall. It was a really nice day. So dad bought his girls some fun ice cream! Jaidan has bubble gum and Hailie has cotton candy. I sat with them in a nice grass area while dad and his cousin walked around.
graduation bbq, justin,his cousin, adn brother playing volleyball.
Our dog and his baby. He will literally rock the stuff animal until he (himself) goes to sleep.:)
This one snuck in here. This is on a bench at the entrance to the library. i thought it was cute how jaidan look similar to this girl.

I have them in the wrong order but, this is the center of the columbine memorial. the ribbon in the middle says never forgotten. and the raised areas are memorial plack of everyine killed that day. The memorial is up on a hill in this beautiful park, that is right behind the school.

I went up the side walk that over looks the area. over to the right of the picture is water foutains coming out of the wall. the far left (not pictured) is a wall that has placks with statements from people affected by this. It is so beautiful.I thought it was neat that the place was covered in colorado columbine flowers. When you enter there is a sign of rules, and you can just feel thevpeace of this memorial, im glad i had the opertunity to go.
here is a close up of the center and Hailie :)
I wish i could post more but thats all i have time for today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a busy week

This sort of shows my new hair! I finally dyed it red with black on the bottom. You can see at the end it goes darker, which turned out really cool because it blended nicely with the bottom layer of my hair being dyed black! I was nervous going in and starting this, but i really love it! I dont know why I didnt do it before! Its amazing the confidence its givin me to haha kinda wierd but seriously. Since Im looking for a job its giving my the confidence I needed to get out there and dominate anything! So hopefully I will land something good soon.
Our busy week started Sunday afternoon, while i was gettin my hair done some good friends from Tucson drove up, to see us on their way to Chicago. We are enjoying having them here. I personally havent been able to really hang out with them yet, but tonight we are all going to the baseball game here. Im pretty excited to get to see the baseball field. And the best part is the tickets were 4 dollars each!
I think they are leaving us wednesday, and then that evening we will be getting more visitors! Justins family will be joining us at our house til this coming Sunday. His brother is graduating high school thursday and then we will have a bbq saturday. I love having visitors so this is an awesome week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My first real shopping trip here

Our budget is pretty tight on everything like most are so im not complaining. I figured we had 100 to "stock up" on the major items. (meat and canned food oatmeal juice) So with my 1 inch binder (i regret not posting about the making of this) loaded with coupons. hahaha i sound like those crazy coupon shoppers you see on tlc. No its not used for their purpose. Im actually getting things we will used up in the next 1-2 months, not 40 toothpast tubes just because I can get ahold of 100 toothpast coupons. NO. This is stuff we used all the time and I only use the coupon if, it comes out better then the store brand price, (and the store brand is actually tasty) and I use them with the sales the store is having to get the biggest value. So, with my 1 inch binder of coupons organized by catagorey and then by product, I headed to the store. I was a little nervous because I was going to a new part of town I was vaguely familiar with and it was dark. My first stop was Safeway. Normally I dont like Safeway because their stuff is always more expensive. How ever they had some coupons in the ad, and e-coupons I could pair with my printed/clipped coupons. At first I was getting frustrated because in my opinion the store's lay out was horrible things did not flow well so I had to be on the look out for my whole list at one time! I finally got done and headed to the check out. I have this game plan in my mind of how this is going to go, have him ring it up, then after seeing the whole total use the store card, in-store discounts plus e-coupons, then I will hand him my clipped coupons, and ta da! So thats what I did the total after he rang it all was just under 100!! ouch! and I did not have a full basket at all! Now im nervous, how can this be affordable its already so expencive! So we do store and e-coupons, that brought it down to the 60's then I handed him my coupons brinning the total to 49 and some change! so about 50% savings Im like okay, not as great as I would have liked, BUT awesome because now I get some other sales and fresh veggies and fruit all with this 100!!! Then the best part happens, some how I ended up getting a bonus 2 dollars back! I could have skipped out the door!
 I was able to get 3 orange juice, 1 gallon each for 3.64! Then 4 bags of frozen veggies for 3.94, and Canned peaches, my daughter favorite, 6 cans for 3 dollars! Those were my favorite deals!
By the time I got home I was ready to do it again or help someone else do it too!
There was quite a bit of stuff at the end  I went to two more stores, and thank goodness my tiny helpers were ecstatic to put it all away. They got a littel bonus/treat for there hard work too!