Wednesday, April 27, 2011

had this for a minute but I haven't used it yet

I originally got this blog to start blogging before we moved from Az to Co. I ended up getting really busy.  few more interesting things have happend and I also know a few more people who have gotten a blogspot! As everyone who knows me, knows Im a native Tucsonian. Tucson is a great place, you can really make what you want as in a non stop party hot spots or laid back chillness. However I have always invisioned myself living somewhere else. My Junior year in high school I research Pennsylvania, and applied to Drexel University. For some reason Im fasinated by that state, and the city of philly. Although I do not like the steelers at all. Well the thought of being 18 and moving so far away from everything! scared me, I mostly just fell in love with my high school sweet heart.
 And now that dream of moving some where else discovering out side of Arizona has come true. I was still nervous, but definitely not alone!
 As high school sweet hearts and parents of two of the most beautiful girls in the world we've packed it all up and moved 894 miles away from Home, to a make a new HOME.
 It has been an adventure! But I am so thankful for it. It has brought us closer, and I didnt think it was possible, but it feels good.
We have his side of the family here which is great to get close to them. Our girls have already made some friends and they can't wait for the weekends to get here to play with them.
Since living in this huge city, we have been able to expose our childrens spongey minds to some amazing things.  They have gotten the chance to learn and explored with science, nature, and health museums. As well as the zoo, which is huge it took us 6.5 hours and we didnt even do everything. They are also expanding the zoo adding Asin Tropics. They have also been able to go to the childrens museum and explore many things there. We are completly loving the quality time have gotten to spend with our little smarties. They make us laugh all day with the things they say. You can just see all the information going in and connecting. And the excitment when they learn new things that interest them.
I will have to post some pictures of all this a little later. Unfortunately I no longer have a cord to unload the pictures to the computer.

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  1. I'm so happy for you guys and I'm SO happy you have a blog!!! I love reading about all of your adventures and I'd love to see recent pictures of the girls!! Sounds like you guys are doing fantastic. :)