Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a busy week

This sort of shows my new hair! I finally dyed it red with black on the bottom. You can see at the end it goes darker, which turned out really cool because it blended nicely with the bottom layer of my hair being dyed black! I was nervous going in and starting this, but i really love it! I dont know why I didnt do it before! Its amazing the confidence its givin me to haha kinda wierd but seriously. Since Im looking for a job its giving my the confidence I needed to get out there and dominate anything! So hopefully I will land something good soon.
Our busy week started Sunday afternoon, while i was gettin my hair done some good friends from Tucson drove up, to see us on their way to Chicago. We are enjoying having them here. I personally havent been able to really hang out with them yet, but tonight we are all going to the baseball game here. Im pretty excited to get to see the baseball field. And the best part is the tickets were 4 dollars each!
I think they are leaving us wednesday, and then that evening we will be getting more visitors! Justins family will be joining us at our house til this coming Sunday. His brother is graduating high school thursday and then we will have a bbq saturday. I love having visitors so this is an awesome week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My first real shopping trip here

Our budget is pretty tight on everything like most are so im not complaining. I figured we had 100 to "stock up" on the major items. (meat and canned food oatmeal juice) So with my 1 inch binder (i regret not posting about the making of this) loaded with coupons. hahaha i sound like those crazy coupon shoppers you see on tlc. No its not used for their purpose. Im actually getting things we will used up in the next 1-2 months, not 40 toothpast tubes just because I can get ahold of 100 toothpast coupons. NO. This is stuff we used all the time and I only use the coupon if, it comes out better then the store brand price, (and the store brand is actually tasty) and I use them with the sales the store is having to get the biggest value. So, with my 1 inch binder of coupons organized by catagorey and then by product, I headed to the store. I was a little nervous because I was going to a new part of town I was vaguely familiar with and it was dark. My first stop was Safeway. Normally I dont like Safeway because their stuff is always more expensive. How ever they had some coupons in the ad, and e-coupons I could pair with my printed/clipped coupons. At first I was getting frustrated because in my opinion the store's lay out was horrible things did not flow well so I had to be on the look out for my whole list at one time! I finally got done and headed to the check out. I have this game plan in my mind of how this is going to go, have him ring it up, then after seeing the whole total use the store card, in-store discounts plus e-coupons, then I will hand him my clipped coupons, and ta da! So thats what I did the total after he rang it all was just under 100!! ouch! and I did not have a full basket at all! Now im nervous, how can this be affordable its already so expencive! So we do store and e-coupons, that brought it down to the 60's then I handed him my coupons brinning the total to 49 and some change! so about 50% savings Im like okay, not as great as I would have liked, BUT awesome because now I get some other sales and fresh veggies and fruit all with this 100!!! Then the best part happens, some how I ended up getting a bonus 2 dollars back! I could have skipped out the door!
 I was able to get 3 orange juice, 1 gallon each for 3.64! Then 4 bags of frozen veggies for 3.94, and Canned peaches, my daughter favorite, 6 cans for 3 dollars! Those were my favorite deals!
By the time I got home I was ready to do it again or help someone else do it too!
There was quite a bit of stuff at the end  I went to two more stores, and thank goodness my tiny helpers were ecstatic to put it all away. They got a littel bonus/treat for there hard work too!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

quesadilla suprise!

 Hailie, our oldest  at 5 years!  loves using the microwave now that it is in a new location at her reach she loves to use her new found freedom. She warms up her favorite Spagetti-o's, and oatmeal and just about anything else she see's you putting in the microwave. She wants to be the one to push the buttons and check to see if its done or if it gets to go again!
This morning they were still sleeping so who says I HAD to be up?
When she got up she knew I wasn't feeling good and made me a cheese quesadilla. :) Im so happy she thought of me like that. I love my big girl so much! It's so rewarding to be a mom!!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!
Haha and here's our baby, ONLY wearing minnie mouse sandles, asking to wear a pink dress that has a bow. She cracks me up! The other day she requested we find her a yellow dress. I thought it was smart of her like she had been sitting in the car thinking about her clothes and realized she doesnt have a yellow dress!! Silly girls!!


Justin and I went on a Fantastic Sundate! I think it was Friday after he got home from work, we discovered a fabulous outside mall. It's huge and beautiful and it has everything! We took our girls back on Saturday to walk around and get to know the place we had to drive to some parts, but lots of fun. In the middle is a amc theatre, so we decided then to have a date the next day. After arranging the best baby sitter in colorado to watch our girls, we saw Bridemaids, and then had sushi and noodles with veggies, then walked around more. (i wish i could post pictures!!!) im might just one day have a picture blog you'll have to put them to the dates as previously mentioned sorry) For some reason Colorado decided to turn in to winter Sunday, but my best friend let me wear his sweater to layer with my jacket :) Then we found an awesome cookie shop. They had amazing cookie blends, I opted for oatmeal, pb,choc chip! yumm! He got chocolate,choc chip, with choc frosting! Dang! Since it was so cold we decided to go home.
Unfortunately I became real sick when we got home. My head was throbbing and my stomach turning. And dizzy! I ended up passing out til later that evening.Then Monday I was feeling a little better, other then waking up with a sore throat and stuffy sinuses. So a layed on the couch, and read a book cover to cover, only got up to deal with my girls and rotate laundry. 
I'll tell you what book it was BUT! I don't like recomending things to people, Im not going to try to assume you like something that I do, and frankly if you do then great we have something in common, if you dont fine, but dont judge me for liking it and I wont judge you for not liking it. :)
I was reading heaven is for real. First I was thinking okay let's see what these parents have to say about there kids imagination.  And actually it was not like that at all. The dad, whom narrated the story, was feeling like that at first. he was like is this something he is letting his mind run away with or is this for real? I liked the way he questioned his kid with open ended questions. and the way he would say oh remember when you told me about and make something up and the little boy would correct him with a as a matter a fact attitude! I enjoyed it, it was a good easy read while I was not feeling that great. 
Today Im still feeling sick, supposedly its allergies. I have never had allergies before, if this is allergies, I apologize for ever thinking people calling out of work bc they have allergies was a lame excuse. Now I just think it depends on the person hahaha for me this is sorta wipin me out. 
As for everything else in my life right now I still need a job, and we need a second car that is FREE, free to get  and free to maintain and free to keep legal to drive. And Im getting closer to finalizing school papers yay!