Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My first real shopping trip here

Our budget is pretty tight on everything like most are so im not complaining. I figured we had 100 to "stock up" on the major items. (meat and canned food oatmeal juice) So with my 1 inch binder (i regret not posting about the making of this) loaded with coupons. hahaha i sound like those crazy coupon shoppers you see on tlc. No its not used for their purpose. Im actually getting things we will used up in the next 1-2 months, not 40 toothpast tubes just because I can get ahold of 100 toothpast coupons. NO. This is stuff we used all the time and I only use the coupon if, it comes out better then the store brand price, (and the store brand is actually tasty) and I use them with the sales the store is having to get the biggest value. So, with my 1 inch binder of coupons organized by catagorey and then by product, I headed to the store. I was a little nervous because I was going to a new part of town I was vaguely familiar with and it was dark. My first stop was Safeway. Normally I dont like Safeway because their stuff is always more expensive. How ever they had some coupons in the ad, and e-coupons I could pair with my printed/clipped coupons. At first I was getting frustrated because in my opinion the store's lay out was horrible things did not flow well so I had to be on the look out for my whole list at one time! I finally got done and headed to the check out. I have this game plan in my mind of how this is going to go, have him ring it up, then after seeing the whole total use the store card, in-store discounts plus e-coupons, then I will hand him my clipped coupons, and ta da! So thats what I did the total after he rang it all was just under 100!! ouch! and I did not have a full basket at all! Now im nervous, how can this be affordable its already so expencive! So we do store and e-coupons, that brought it down to the 60's then I handed him my coupons brinning the total to 49 and some change! so about 50% savings Im like okay, not as great as I would have liked, BUT awesome because now I get some other sales and fresh veggies and fruit all with this 100!!! Then the best part happens, some how I ended up getting a bonus 2 dollars back! I could have skipped out the door!
 I was able to get 3 orange juice, 1 gallon each for 3.64! Then 4 bags of frozen veggies for 3.94, and Canned peaches, my daughter favorite, 6 cans for 3 dollars! Those were my favorite deals!
By the time I got home I was ready to do it again or help someone else do it too!
There was quite a bit of stuff at the end  I went to two more stores, and thank goodness my tiny helpers were ecstatic to put it all away. They got a littel bonus/treat for there hard work too!

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