Tuesday, May 17, 2011

quesadilla suprise!

 Hailie, our oldest  at 5 years!  loves using the microwave now that it is in a new location at her reach she loves to use her new found freedom. She warms up her favorite Spagetti-o's, and oatmeal and just about anything else she see's you putting in the microwave. She wants to be the one to push the buttons and check to see if its done or if it gets to go again!
This morning they were still sleeping so who says I HAD to be up?
When she got up she knew I wasn't feeling good and made me a cheese quesadilla. :) Im so happy she thought of me like that. I love my big girl so much! It's so rewarding to be a mom!!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!
Haha and here's our baby, ONLY wearing minnie mouse sandles, asking to wear a pink dress that has a bow. She cracks me up! The other day she requested we find her a yellow dress. I thought it was smart of her like she had been sitting in the car thinking about her clothes and realized she doesnt have a yellow dress!! Silly girls!!