Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Justin and I went on a Fantastic Sundate! I think it was Friday after he got home from work, we discovered a fabulous outside mall. It's huge and beautiful and it has everything! We took our girls back on Saturday to walk around and get to know the place we had to drive to some parts, but lots of fun. In the middle is a amc theatre, so we decided then to have a date the next day. After arranging the best baby sitter in colorado to watch our girls, we saw Bridemaids, and then had sushi and noodles with veggies, then walked around more. (i wish i could post pictures!!!) im might just one day have a picture blog you'll have to put them to the dates as previously mentioned sorry) For some reason Colorado decided to turn in to winter Sunday, but my best friend let me wear his sweater to layer with my jacket :) Then we found an awesome cookie shop. They had amazing cookie blends, I opted for oatmeal, pb,choc chip! yumm! He got chocolate,choc chip, with choc frosting! Dang! Since it was so cold we decided to go home.
Unfortunately I became real sick when we got home. My head was throbbing and my stomach turning. And dizzy! I ended up passing out til later that evening.Then Monday I was feeling a little better, other then waking up with a sore throat and stuffy sinuses. So a layed on the couch, and read a book cover to cover, only got up to deal with my girls and rotate laundry. 
I'll tell you what book it was BUT! I don't like recomending things to people, Im not going to try to assume you like something that I do, and frankly if you do then great we have something in common, if you dont fine, but dont judge me for liking it and I wont judge you for not liking it. :)
I was reading heaven is for real. First I was thinking okay let's see what these parents have to say about there kids imagination.  And actually it was not like that at all. The dad, whom narrated the story, was feeling like that at first. he was like is this something he is letting his mind run away with or is this for real? I liked the way he questioned his kid with open ended questions. and the way he would say oh remember when you told me about and make something up and the little boy would correct him with a as a matter a fact attitude! I enjoyed it, it was a good easy read while I was not feeling that great. 
Today Im still feeling sick, supposedly its allergies. I have never had allergies before, if this is allergies, I apologize for ever thinking people calling out of work bc they have allergies was a lame excuse. Now I just think it depends on the person hahaha for me this is sorta wipin me out. 
As for everything else in my life right now I still need a job, and we need a second car that is FREE, free to get  and free to maintain and free to keep legal to drive. And Im getting closer to finalizing school papers yay! 

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  1. yay for dates and school! my allergies are killing me as well. good luck on that free car...let me know if you figure that one out. :)