Saturday, April 30, 2011

new routine

 One really good things about our move has brought new routine, going to the gym, EVERYDAY.  I have a love hate relationship with it somedays, but Justin is usually there to encourage me. I started out strong but then one day off led to 4 days off...haha. I got a call from a personal trainer, for one free session so I took it. I learned some good stuff. So combining the new things I learned from her and previous things, I've been going at! I've gotten new encouragement from the results that I can see! Im also enjoying the girls learning from us. They love eating healthy and excercizing.  This really comes in handy when Im trying to get them to try something new, I just have to tell them its healthy!
Tomorrow we are taking the girls on the light rail system downtown just to explore and take some pictures.  Hopefully I will get to post some!  

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