Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a busy week

This sort of shows my new hair! I finally dyed it red with black on the bottom. You can see at the end it goes darker, which turned out really cool because it blended nicely with the bottom layer of my hair being dyed black! I was nervous going in and starting this, but i really love it! I dont know why I didnt do it before! Its amazing the confidence its givin me to haha kinda wierd but seriously. Since Im looking for a job its giving my the confidence I needed to get out there and dominate anything! So hopefully I will land something good soon.
Our busy week started Sunday afternoon, while i was gettin my hair done some good friends from Tucson drove up, to see us on their way to Chicago. We are enjoying having them here. I personally havent been able to really hang out with them yet, but tonight we are all going to the baseball game here. Im pretty excited to get to see the baseball field. And the best part is the tickets were 4 dollars each!
I think they are leaving us wednesday, and then that evening we will be getting more visitors! Justins family will be joining us at our house til this coming Sunday. His brother is graduating high school thursday and then we will have a bbq saturday. I love having visitors so this is an awesome week!

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