Thursday, June 30, 2011

just pictures

Jaidan was trying to keep her self awake, but fell asleep in her baby doll playpin. 
hailie swinging in a jungle gym at monkey business. which is just a place where kids can monkey around all they want and parents too!
These were at a graduation we went to. The weather was threating to rain but thankfully it didnt! The girls had a great time playing with the umbrella. We've never had to have one on hand before so its turned into a great toy. The girls are always wanting to go out in the rain just to use the umbrella.
We went over to Castle Rock, Co to the outlet mall. It was a really nice day. So dad bought his girls some fun ice cream! Jaidan has bubble gum and Hailie has cotton candy. I sat with them in a nice grass area while dad and his cousin walked around.
graduation bbq, justin,his cousin, adn brother playing volleyball.
Our dog and his baby. He will literally rock the stuff animal until he (himself) goes to sleep.:)
This one snuck in here. This is on a bench at the entrance to the library. i thought it was cute how jaidan look similar to this girl.

I have them in the wrong order but, this is the center of the columbine memorial. the ribbon in the middle says never forgotten. and the raised areas are memorial plack of everyine killed that day. The memorial is up on a hill in this beautiful park, that is right behind the school.

I went up the side walk that over looks the area. over to the right of the picture is water foutains coming out of the wall. the far left (not pictured) is a wall that has placks with statements from people affected by this. It is so beautiful.I thought it was neat that the place was covered in colorado columbine flowers. When you enter there is a sign of rules, and you can just feel thevpeace of this memorial, im glad i had the opertunity to go.
here is a close up of the center and Hailie :)
I wish i could post more but thats all i have time for today!

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  1. thank you SO much for posting these. i cannot say how absolutely beautiful and happy they look. and jaidan is getting so big!!! she looks so much more like hailie now! i'm going to get this skype situation figured out and we'll chat. thanks again for sharing. :)